Tender Moments

Tender Tips Tuesday ~ Attire and Professionalism

We want everyone to be as successful as possible while working with Tend – the best way to be successful with us is to show up on time and to be in the right attire. Today’s Tender Tip Tuesday is how to make yourself presentable to live up to the standards and expectations that will get you invited back and ‘favorited’ by a client for even the most up-scale of events. We will always note in the Tend app how strict the client will be about their attire and appearance expectations as we want to have full transparency for how you should look and conduct yourself for each event.

The most common issue we see with people showing up to Serving and higher-end Event Staff shifts is the quality of the pants Tenders wear – we encourage all Tenders to acquire slacks or dress pants without holes or rips in them so they can be presentable for all types of high-end, high paying shifts. Not showing up in jeans or leggings is also a huge must for many catering shifts as they expect a certain level of polished attire to present to their guests. Being able to have an ironed black button down shirt and a white button down shirt will also give you a good chance of showing up in the right attire. Many high-end catering events require black ties, aprons, and other various necessities such as a wine key, lighter, pen, etc. The way you care for your clothing by keeping it pressed and clean goes a long way with catering clients who want to present that essence of perfection and professionalism.

The tip for this Tender Tips Tuesday is to ALWAYS check the shift details for the specific attire of an event which will be listed in the shift details as we want to provide you with the best chance to prosper at every event you can attend. Here’s to happy Tending!

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