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We take recruiting seriously

High-end service is our priority. Our recruiting process is designed to ensure that we bring on only the most qualified hospitality professionals.

1. Application Review

Each application and resumé is carefully reviewed, and the most qualified applicants are invited to sign up for a video interview.

2. Live Video Interview

Applicants interview with members of the Tend team, and are asked questions around their stated experiences. We also utilize skill-based questions to test knowledge for each position.
We want to make sure that we are bringing on Tenders who have an unwavering positive attitude, a strong work ethic, and a passion for service.

3. Skill Tagging

Based on experience and responses during the interview, the Tender is graded out using our 20 skill and personality tags.

We believe that staffing is more nuanced than 1-5 stats, and these tags help us make sure we get you the right Tender for the job.

4. Attire Info

Tenders are given ample guidance on their attire throughout onboarding and when applying to shifts, including photo references and suggestions on where to purchase appropriate clothing.

Experienced hospitality professionals

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Our Tenders have experience from the best in hospitality

No Hourly Minimum

We know you don’t always need six hours of service. Tend allows you to book for any length of time.

Last-Minute Capabilities

There’s nothing more stressful than having last minute callouts for your event. Tend keeps staff on-call during busy periods so that we can offer help when you need it most. Contact a Tend Concierge at (310) 620-9620 if you’re ever in a pinch.

No Hidden Fees

Our geographic scale allows us to provide locally sourced staff, so there are no travel or booking fees.

Insurance built to protect you

When you book with Tend, we maintain insurance and workers’ compensation policies to cover all of our Tenders.

General Liability

We maintain a $2M general liability policy to cover you and our Tenders.

W-2 Workers

For clients and states that require it, we supply only W-2 workers to comply with local laws and regulations.

Additionally Insured

We can add your company as additionally insured to our policies at no extra cost.

Workers' Compensation

All our our Tenders are covered by our $1M worker’s compensation policy.

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