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Why Work with Tend in the Gig Economy?

The gig economy is here to stay. Workers selecting their schedules, working for multiple companies concurrently, and seeing the dividends pay off in their monthly budgets is only beginning to rise. The benefits of signing up for gig work are manifold, for sanity and for salary.

Workers are able to learn transferable, real-life skills by providing services that are needed more and more as our population grows and the need itself grows larger. The ability to diversify skills and discover new avenues of revenue streams as a person adds value to the lives of gig workers. Working with Tend gives Tenders access to concerts, events, sports games, college campuses and more, all the while making money and enjoying exciting events in their community. The beauty of gig work is that in the downtime we are all trying to fill with meaningful, enjoyable experiences gig workers can earn and learn.

The best part about the gig economy is it is not limited by age, gender, race, sex or any other typical metric that forms biases in regular jobs. The gig economy functions just as well for a college student as it does for a parent of three. For parents who can only get away during the school day, they can work shifts during that allotted time and enhance their life by interacting with a whole new audience of folks. For college students looking to learn life skills like customer service by interacting with others, Tend offers plenty of real-life experience with people. Tenders can also hone their hard-skills like bartending or serving that make them a hit at school and for the rest of their lives. They are able to work on their time to bolster their budget and help them live a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle. For people who are more nomadic like our ancestors and do not like to be bogged down in one city for too long, the gig economy provides the flexibility they crave. The ability to work in multiple cities through one trusted agency gives Tenders the peace of mind that work will always be available right at their fingertips from wherever they are. What truly sets Tend apart from our competition is the high-end events you’re able to work with Tend. We offer weddings, corporate events, and other top of the line occasions where you can build your resume as a hospitality professional and network with elite clientele.

The work at Tend gives Tenders the opportunity to find meaningful connections with the community in their area. Whether that be with fellow Tenders or the people they interact with on the job, Tenders are able to find value in their work and build lasting relationships with their colleagues on the job. Another major advantage of the gig economy is the down time between shifts, allowing workers to pursue their other passions and interests while working and maintaining income. The freedom to decide when to work allows Tenders to live life to the fullest and supports the lifestyle Tenders are looking to live.

As the gig economy continues to grow, so too will the opportunities for Tenders. We here at Tend hope to provide Tenders with the most opportunity and flexibility to lead to well-rounded, happy, and fulfilled Tenders.

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