Tender Moments

What Is Tend? The Premier Hospitality Marketplace

Tend is an app-based platform that allows users to select where and when they want to work around their area. The ability to self-select hours enables Tenders to live life on their terms, increases Tenders’ quality of life, and allows them to take charge of their earnings on their time.

Working exciting events and getting paid while being in some of America’s most prestigious stadiums and venues around the country is an opportunity unlike any other! Becoming a Tender gives you access to once in a lifetime events in your city like the Super Bowl, MLB All-Star Game, and other historic and high-end events as they arise.

Certain roles at Tend require a brief interview to ensure Tenders are qualified to provide the top-tier service associated with the Tend Community.

These roles range from: Event Staff, where Tenders are customer-facing and interacting with attendees as they enter the gates, Servers at high-end catering events, Bartenders capable of crafting cocktails and mixing with the masters, and Line Cooks helping prepare, sauté, and grill gourmet eats. These roles require a brief interview so Tenders can ask questions and hear about the process as they become part of the Tend Community.

Tend also offers ‘Quick Apply’ roles: General labor – setting up and tearing down events, odd jobs and manual labor; Prep Cook – washing and cutting foods and vegetables to hand off to the Line Cooks, as well as Dishwashers, and Cashiers. Tenders are able to select these roles and see jobs available in their area right away!

Tend works with the hardworking people in the hospitality industry to create top of the line events and experiences that make pulling off large scale events as simple and easy as possible. Becoming a Tender gives people access to high end events in their area like weddings and birthday parties as well as concerts and stadiums in their city.

The Tend Community is committed to safe practices and creating an inclusive environment for all of our Tenders and attendees. At Tend, you always have access to a real person on the other end of the support line so you know you’re being cared for throughout your whole Tend tenure. We strive to bring excellence to the lives of all those we come into contact with – Here’s to Happy Tending!

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