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Tend - Premier Hospitality - Home Runs, Coors Field, and The (Relative) Ineptitude of Colorado Rockies Ownership

Born in 1993 the Colorado Rockies have seen shockingly little success over their three decades in Major League Baseball. They have had historic players come through their ranks, hitting towering home runs. A happy Rockies fans’ brain plays long balls from the likes of Nolan Arenado, Todd Helton, Troy Tulowitzki, Trevor Story, Larry Walker and other swing kings. A realistic Rockies fans’ brain however tells a different tale. Coors Field has seen just ten winning seasons in its tenure. 

The long ball is king at Coors Field with inflated home run numbers for Rockies players playing 81 home games and deflated egos for opposing pitchers as they watch typical cans of corn leave the yard. The purple and black jerseys lit up under the Rocky Mountains and a baseball sky are said to be a beautiful sight, hopefully enough to make up for the lack of success under current ownership. Are the Colorado Rockies and Coors Field a front or a tax write-off for Coors, the banquet beer? I’ll let the reader be the judge of that. I will note however that the owner said they were done spending this past offseason after acquiring two pitchers with 5.00+ ERA’s and have made no indication to make any other moves throughout the year. The tenth “winning” season in the Rockies` history is also a generous one, in that this year through four games they were 2-2 so I am giving them the nod that they may exceed expectations for the year and end up over .500.

This year’s Colorado Rockies feature Kris Bryant, Charlie Blackmon, and CJ Cron, which is a formidable heart of the lineup for the 2023 Colorado Rockies. The team will be making a push in the NL West which will be a tough division in baseball yet again this year with the San Diego Padres and Los Angeles Dodgers looking to repeat as the top two contenders with the Giants seemingly not far behind. What magic do this years’ Rockies have that other notable teams have been unable to capture? Time and the 2023 season will tell. The confines of Coors field are a beautiful place for baseball and for Tend. Tenders have access to this beautiful ballpark and may be part of the first World Series winning season for the Colorado Rockies with a great stroke of luck, perhaps new ownership, and a whole lot of happy Tenders.

As we here at Tend look around the league and Major League Baseball, we are proud to help run baseball games smoothly with our labor marketplace of top tier Tenders.

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