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Tend - Premier Hospitality, High-end to Highly Desired Events

Working with Tend throughout the year helps you earn towards your summer vacation, weekend getaway, or your larger financial goals. The flexible work hours enable Tenders to navigate their own lives with an influx of income from engaging, intimate and even high-profile events.

In the first half of 2023 Tend has been fortunate to offer Tenders access to thousands of local, high-end and high-energy events. In February we were able to give local Phoenicians a spot inside the stadium working Super Bowl LVII at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. Tenders there also had the ability to work smaller, more intimate catering events that weekend. Working with Tend lets your peruse a range of events so you can find work that works for you.

Moving into the Spring we saw the flowers in bloom for weddings and private events where Tenders earned, picking up Bartending, Serving, and Cooking shifts with tips and the ability to network with high-end catering companies and clients. Tend even had the honor of sending our highly skilled Tenders to walk the red carpet and work the Oscars in LA.

Here, in the dog days of summer, we have local MLB (and minor league) stadiums, exclusive catering events, and highly sought after, big-ticket concerts for Tenders to work on their own schedule. The Taylor Swift Eras Tour has been a driving force for the economy as a whole as it is reported to be driving nearly $5 billion dollars in consumer spending throughout the US according to multiple sources. The Washington Post highlighted how Tenders were able to leverage the Tend - Premier Hospitality app to contribute to the Taylor Swift experience while earning for themselves and their own Swiftie experiences.

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