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Ring in the New Year with Tend ~ How Tend Can Help You Reach Your New Years' Resolutions

The New Year comes with a frenzy of New Years’ resolutions we all make as part of our goals for 2023. Working with Tend can be a huge part of helping you reach those goals.

Many of us are looking for financial independence and literacy as part of our New Years’ resolutions. Tend makes earning on your time easy, transparent, and effective. We show you what shifts are available to you based on your location and radius you’re willing to work within. The estimated payout total as well as hourly breakdown is readily available before you even apply to a shift. We also supply you with the estimated hours and how far away the venue is from you so you can make an accurate and informed decision for each shift you’re applying for with Tend.

Once you work a shift, the ‘History’ section of the Tend app shows all of the earnings for the tax year. Therefore when tax season rolls around, it’s easy to know how much you’ve earned for the fiscal year, and you can see a breakdown of each shift and how it factors into your total earnings! This function aids Tenders in their financial literacy and makes it easy to see a breakdown of their earnings for tax purposes.

These earnings can also be used to whatever end you see fit for your new years’ goals! Whether it’s to fund healthier eating habits, a gym membership, extra leisure time to spend with friends and family, or even to help finance a big vacation, Tend is a reliable partner to help you achieve your goals.

Working in the hospitality industry is also a rewarding career as it allows you to build important skills, applicable to all facets of your life. You are able to improve on your organizational skills, as you must be detail oriented as you interact with different people and perform multiple tasks on a daily basis. You will also most certainly increase your customer service skills by interacting with a wide variety of people including other Tenders in the Tend community. Working with Tend provides Tenders a good way to earn income while working on your feet and staying active which is a nice way to meet those fitness goals throughout the year. Tend shifts also help you improve your leadership and problem-solving skills as unforeseen circumstances can arise at large-scale and more intimate, premium events, allowing Tenders to step up and provide top-tier customer service. All of these skills encourage adaptability and improve interpersonal skills.

Setting goals and being open to learning new skills is a great way to seize the opportunities that are available to you while working with Tend. Together we can work towards fulfilling your New Years’ goals! Whether you’re looking for more financial independence, a career offering a dynamic skillset, or the ability to work on your own schedule, Tend is a great way to fulfill your goals for 2023 and beyond!

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