Tender Moments

How to Prioritize Your Mental Health While Working with Tend in the Gig Economy!

  1. Connect with your community

Invite your friends to work with you, or make sure to connect with fellow Tenders on the shift! Community is an essential element for all workers and one that contributes to better mental health. While the Tend app allows you to work independently, it also allows you to connect deeply with your community, by interacting at local events and celebrations! Make sure to make the best of both worlds – Including a $20 referral bonus for every friend you bring to work with you!

  1. Create your own schedule

While working the gig economy gives you ample flexibility, the reverse side can be lacking a clear schedule. If you’re someone who benefits from knowing what their week ahead will look like, make sure to sign up for events well in advance to keep a clear schedule! If a last-minute shift becomes available, check-in with yourself before accepting.

  1. Plan Ahead

Make sure to plan for your upcoming shifts! Stress has a huge impact on our mental health. To ensure that your shifts run smoothly and stress-free, read the instructions in the Tend app well in advance before any shift. Check on attire, parking, location, and special instructions to keep your day clear of any surprises or snags.

  1. Get Paid Stress-free

Make sure to clock in and out! To ensure you’re paid ASAP and without any additional verification needed, make sure to…

1. Clock in and out on the Tend app

2.Sign in with any Event Captains or Shift Leaders upon arrival, as well as check out at the end of your shift on the physical timesheet.

3.Turn on your location data as a back-up for any hiccups

  1. Take. Days. Off.

Here at Tend, we want to ensure our Tenders are happy, healthy and taking the well-deserved rest days that they need. Make sure to hold yourself accountable and take some personal time. With all the exciting events on the app, it can be tempting to sign up for as many as possible. However, take a breath and a day to just relax – There will always be more tomorrow!

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