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How to be a successful Tender ~ Reliability, Grooming, and Attire Standards

Working with Tend is a rewarding and enjoyable experience for those who are up to it! The key is that while all people are worthy of being Tenders, only some truly exemplify what it means to be a top tier Tender. Success at Tend is mostly about your attitude and willingness to help out in whatever capacity is needed of you in the moment to pull off an enjoyable event for you and those attending. Below we’ll be sharing some incredibly important tips for how to succeed with Tend.

Showing up on time

First and foremost, promptness and attendance at events you’re scheduled and approved to work will result in more recurring jobs with Tend. The ability to show up on time and in the right uniform will allow you to not only ensure you can work that event, it will reflect positively on your profile and improve your chances of acquiring higher paying and more rewarding work. All of the information for a specific event can be found in the shift details section of the Tend app once you’re approved for a shift. If you do need to call out of your shift please be sure to do so 24 hours in advance of your shift start time!

Proper Attire

The appropriate uniform is the number one way to get favorited by clients so you can go back to your favorite locations. If the attire is listed in the shift details of the app and specifies black bistro or white bistro attire, here is what you should be striving to wear.

  • Black bistro attire includes a black button down shirt, with black slacks and all-black non-slip shoes.

The attire for high end events is extremely important to execute so you look presentable to the guests and can provide the quality service expected of Tenders as well as other hospitality professionals working the event. We want to create a culture where the Tenders are the best dressed and most well-mannered people at the event, that way we can increase the likelihood that we can send you back to the events you want to work!

  • If the shift details specify white bistro attire that includes a white button down shirt, black slacks, and all-black, non-slip shoes.

Showing up on time and in the right attire will almost guarantee you have a successful shift and will exponentially increase your chances of working similar high-end events in the future.

  • Similarly if the shift details specify tuxedo pants, be sure that your pants have the two vertical stripes that run along the seams of the pants to create a more polished look.

We cannot stress enough that showing up in the proper attire with quality looking clothing will make the client more likely to favorite you and will allow you to work high-end events with valuable pay!

Grooming Standards

Some clients do require certain appearance standards as a requirement to work. Here at Tend we consider these how polished you are and do not reflect any physical characteristics or appearance but rather how well you can groom yourself and present to the client. Below are a few standard requests from clients for higher-end catering events.

  • No visible facial piercings or tattoos, small nose ring permitted
  • Hair must be neatly combed, styled, and worn off face and may not touch shirt or jacket collar; natural or neutral colors are strongly preferred
  • Long hair must be pulled back and worn in a bun so that it does not touch shirt or jacket collar
  • Hands, finger, and fingernails must be clean and well maintained. Nails cannot be longer than ¼ inch
  • Jewelry – modest in tone and no offensive writing
  • Facial hair must be neatly trimmed or groomed, some clients do not allow beards at all
  • Smoking, chewing gum, and cell phone use is not permitted without expressed consent from the onsite manager


Your reliability and relationship with our staffing coordinator, Tessa, also goes a long way in the jobs we are able to staff you on and feel comfortable sending you to. If we know you can be counted on to show up and are willing to make the event an enjoyable experience for everyone in attendance including yourself we will be more likely to staff you on higher-end events with higher pay because we know you can be trusted to represent yourself and Tend in a positive light.

The ability to provide excellent customer service regardless of the position is also a trademark of Tend and the continued success of our Tenders. We are always representing ourselves and conducting ourselves with respect for the people around us and ourselves in order to create safe and enjoyable environments at our events.

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